Shenchi Benne Oil
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    Shenchi county, Shanxi province, China, is located in the northwest of Shanxi, whose altitude is the highest in Shanxi province. There is a pool of water on the edge of the town. When there is drought, it does not dry up. When there is flood, it does not overflow. Legend has it that Goddess of Mercy shed a drop of rain when she went south from Mount Wutai to Mount Putuo. With high mountains, cold air, strong wind and bright sunlight, Shenchi is famous for the production of benne. And it is one of the noted origin of benne in China. The oil squeezed out from the benne is very clear and sweet. With rich aroma and unique flavor, it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and high levels of linolenic acid which can be directly converted by people. It is proved that their levels are the highest in the contrast test of benne origin in the whole nation, which is comparable to the fish oil in deep sea. This kind of benne oil have a lot of effects such as nourishing the blood to expel wind, improving facial beauty and physical fitness, anti-aging, moistening dryness, relaxing bowels, etc.

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