Mapian, Made of Flour in Daixian
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    Mapian, produced in Daixian, Xinzhou, Shanxi province, China, has a long history and is famous for its thinness, crispness and sweetness, with a history of nearly century-old. It is said that in the late Qing Dynasty, an official who came from Daixian worked in Jiangsu and liked the Mapian made in Jiangsu so much that he returned to private life with a chef who specialized in Mapian. Therefore, he could eat at home. Later on the chef taught the people in Daixian to make it. With the improvement of people in Daixian, it became a kind of unique Mapian made of flour.

    How to cook: Firstly preparing the materials including first-class flour, sugar, honey, sesame seed and sesame oil with the ratio of 50: 25: 20: 20: 15. Secondly grinding the sugar and mixing it with flour, then adding sesame oil to the mixture. Thirdly, kneading the dough with honey and placing it on the chopping board. Fourthly, rolling the dough two times with rolling pin, making sesame seed and honey bond. Fifthly, cutting it into rectangular shape which is two inches long and half inch wide. Sixthly, putting it in the oven and baking with constant flip. It is delicious, crisp and sweet with long storage period and good preservation, which make it become a kind of great present for relatives and friends and win popularity all over China.

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