The Naked Oats Flour in Xinzhou
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    With high altitude, cool climate, short frost-free period, scarce rainfall and opulent sunshine, the northwest of Shanxi province in China is ideal for the growth of naked oats. According to the Shanxi Institute of Alpine, Xinzhou city, northwest of Shanxi province, began to cultivate the naked oats 2500 years ago, 1500 years earlier than Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Xinjiang, which was considered as "the hometown of naked oats".

    The output of one jin of naked oats is more than 9 liang. With high nutritional value, the fat content of one jin of naked oats flour is 1 to 6 times as much as that of other crops. The heat of 100 grams of naked oats flour is equivalent to the same amount of pork and fat beef. The protein content of 100 grams of naked oats flour is equal number people breast of 10 times higher than that of the equivalent amount of human breast milk and it is 4 to 5 times as much as that of the milk. Meanwhile, it contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and many other necessary nutrients.

    The naked oats flour is the staple food and a dish for the guests in Xinzhou. There are many ways to cook it. The locals can make "Youmianwowo" which is very thin, shaped like a beehive. It can be cooked into "Youmianyuyu" which is very fine and more than one meters long. It can also be made into dumplings and pastries, etc. There are more than 40 kinds of food cooked by the naked oats flour. Especially for the delicious "Youmianwowo", accompanied by pickled cabbage soup with oil and scallion or mutton soup with peppers and astragalus. Moreover, it can resist cold and hunger.

    It contains numerous pharmaceutical ingredients that can treat and prevent many diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. Few people in Jingle, located in the northwest of Shanxi province suffer from diabetes as a result of eating naked oats flour. At the same time, it contains a kind of special substance called linoleic acid which has a significant effect on metabolism. In addition, it is a kind of great health food, playing a certain part in weight loss and beauty.

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