Holy Wu Tai,Lucky Xin Zhou
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Xin Zhou has 14 counties,three million population and 25,000 square kilometers.It is a big city in Shanxi Province and very rich in tourist resources.

Xin Zhou has very long and colorful history.It has one famous national historic city,one national park,19 national protected historical relics,and three national industrial and agricultural demonstrations.Mount Wutai is ranked as the No.1 among the top 4 Buddhist holy lands in china and it is the only place combines the Buddhism of the Han and Tibetan styles together.It is a famous Buddhism holy land in the whole world.   Xin Zhou named as Xiou Rong in the ancient time,it is well known from its folk culture and custom,and also it is the hometown for many famous people.Dai county is well known from the folk arts;Xin Fu and Ding Xiang are good at the wrestling,He Qu is one of the hometowns for the northern folk songs.Wutai Buddhist music,northern Opera,song-and-dance duet and Fan Shi local dance are all ranked as the national nonsubstance cultural heritages.   

Xin Zhou has beautiful natural scenery.The Mount Wutai not merely is the Buddhism Holy Land with long history,but also cool and refreshing national forest and Geology Park.Its natural geology is very much distinctive.The geology history may push back 2.5 billion years ago.This is the place to name"Wutai group"and"Wutai movement"in geology.Wutai means 5 platforms or peaks.They are famous as:The east for sunrise,the west for the moon,the south for wild flowers,the north for snow and the central for Buddha.The north peak is 3058 m high and called as a roof of northern China.Because the great value of the Wutai natural and cultural resources.Last year it has been formally pre-enlisted as the natural and cultural inheritance in the world.Lu Ya Mountain is the national forest park,geology Park and Conservation Park.It has 820,000 mu of forests,660,000 mu of prairies,15 lakes and 99 spectacular mountains.The smoking fire on the mountains lasting thousands years and it seems the active volcano ready to erupt.But the ice cave is just underground with glittering and translucent ice and made it as a Crystal Palace.This combination is called"China First and World wonder".The Yellow River tour is the wonderful route in the great canyon of Shanxi and Shannxi.And the four hot springs is another relaxing places.This is the only place for hot springs in northern China and the quality of the water giver you guarantee and best promises.   

Xin Zhou has great investment environment.Xin Zhou locates in a very convenient position in the transportation net works.The Da Yu highway runs thorough the north to the south and the main railway goes from the east to the west.Taiyuan airport is just nearby.Mount Wutai airport is under the plan and the highway project from beijing to Mount Wutai currently is undergoing.The modernized transportation networks offerded the best guarantee to the local tourist industry.   This is a great location,great land and great environment.In the past few years.The government of Xin Zhou has issued.The projects meet the requirements under the central and provincial governments will have the priority for using the land.To the newly opened but independent travel business,the taxes will be reduced or waived based on the policies.We encourage the overseas and local professional in tourist industry to establish the travel agencies here and also we offer the best discount on the various charges to those come in group.   

We cordially invite the friends from all over the world to visit Xin Zhou no matter for tour or investment.The local 48 travel agencies,28 ranked hotels and more than 50,000 travel personnel will company you for the most convenient Xin Zhou visit.

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