Weibao Sweetcorn Development Co. Ltd in Xinzhou, Shanxi Province, China
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    Weibao Sweetcorn Development Co. Ltd in Xinzhou, Shanxi Province, China was founded in 1996, which was established by Shanxi Provincial Academy of Maize Research Institute with the application of their scientific researches. It is the first manufacturer producing sweet-waxy maize with vacuum packagings and one of the more influential industry of vacuum corn.

    "Fuyu Brand" vacuum-packed freshening sweet-waxy maize is produced by the company with the adoption of the "Xiannuo 1", without containing any additives. It is a kind of excellent product in Shanxi province. It contains varieties of essential nutrients, especially for the total amount of the amino acid, lysine content and rich vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. With high content of sugar, it is 10 times that of the normal maize, therefore it is sweet, waxy and delicious. One can supplement and enrich the essential nutrients, so it has medicinal value. It is easy to preserve and carry, so the instant (if heated, it will be more delicious) is the first choice for people on business, tour and picnic.

    With non-toxic and transparent polypropylene materials of high density, the shelf-life of "Fuyu Brand" vacuum-packed freshening sweet-waxy maize is more than 12 months under normal temperature. With advantages in transportation and preservation, it solves the shortcomings of the frozen products. It can supply the market anytime without seasonal restrictions, benefiting for the both oversupply in some areas and short supply in other areas.

    It is suitable for all ages, therefore it is a kind of fashionable food for the modern families. Not only is it a table delicacy, it is also an ideal gift.

Address: One kilometer away from the west of Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xinfu District, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, China

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